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Updated 12-12-2004

Welcome to Shadow Team!

Just who are we? We are the Scenario team part of N-Sanity Paintball. We are about the promotion of paintball as a fun and safe activity. What does it take to be a Shadow Team member? Nothing more than a good attitude, playing safe, wanting to have fun, and the ability to participate on a regular basis. While a passion for Scenario play is benificial, it is by no means required.

Shadow Team is made of of three Action Groups, Gold Team, Green Team and Zulu Team. Each of these teams have operators with their own unique abilities and skills.

Gold Team is made up of our assualt players. High rates of sustained fire and the ability to move while under fire are their specialties.

S Team are the infiltrators of the group. Recon, sharpshooting, and the ability to move quickly into the enemy’s flanks and rear areas are their expertise.

Zulu Team comprises our heavy support weapons specialists. Paint mines, satchel charges, demolitions, LAWs, and grenade launchers are where they excel.

When in a Scenario game, the Action Groups split into Task Forces based on what missions are available. A assasination mission may send a couple of Green Team sharpshooters out with a couple of Gold Team members for escort and spotting. A advance to contact may contain three Gold Team members with a Green Team member for flanking and a Zulu Team member for support fire. Flexibilty is the name of the game.

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