CORE SQUAD are the dedicated members of Shadow Team. These are the players that are active and constantly show for every game we attend. These are the people that go the extra mile and are the critical components to Shadow Team. They make props, manage events, liason with promoters and other paintball teams. These are the guys that get the job done and who make up the seasoned center of Shadow Team.

Why hide them you may ask. Simple, we are not the team rather just members who make provide a core group of players for which the rest of the team can draw off of. While we may lead, we seek not to be leaders. We do not do it for recognition but rather for the betterment of the team...and of course for the fun of it. These roles you see here, the personalities herein, are for CORE SQUAD reference only.

Justin "Killer" Keohle

Justin is the team armorer. He's the tinkerer that makes all the toys. He takes the ideas of other memebers and through hard work and ingenuity brings them to life. Without Justin, we would be just another group of paintball players. Justing has, so far, built 3 LAW rockets, a paintball land mine, and has helped develop our fledgline armor force. But he's more than just the team armorer. He's also an outstanding player that will never admit to it. Fast moving and a deadly shot, he has earned the nickname Killer many times over with his aggressive playing style and dogged determination.

Peter "Instigator" Panaguin

The mad scientist brainchild behind Shadow Team, and Justin's partner in crime, there is no task that can't be done cheaper and better than what can be bought...if you ask Peter. Shadow Team's armored unit owes its birth and development to this guy. His wacky but practical ideas keep Justin busy and between the two of them the budget for every Shadow Team project is bargin basement in cost and Rodeo Drive in fun. Need a "light tank"...use blankets and PVC. LAW rocket...scroung up some old steel pipe and sprinkler valves. Like Justin, Peter is more than just a tinkerer and thinker, he is also a quality player. Usually armed with nothing more than a stock class pump and maybe a Semi-Automatic pistol, Peter is an expert shot and brings a powerful tactical sense to the front of the field. Don't let the big smile and quick wit fool you...on the field Peter is nothing but business but business all the same.

Troy "Rook" Lyman

Or whatever the nickname for him is this week. Troy is the driving force behind this website and as well as Shadow Teams presence in the paintball community. Troy constantly searches the forums for new ideas and developments for the CORE SQUAD to persue. He also strives to keep energy levels high among the other players, sometimes to such a degree that fellow teammates refer to him as "pure evil" for his enticing them to play when, perhaps, they shouldn't. While Peter and Justing both provide crack shots in a firefight, Troy is more the tactician. Hanging back he coordinates the movement of his forward team mates and maintains radio communication with higher command. He also has developed new ideas for the paintball team including his "Barrett" Anti-Tank rifle, Radio Controled vehicles, and ongoing development of more accurate paintball munitions. He also acts in more of a scout role for the group using high powered optics and advanced communication devices to maintain a steady flow of information to the team. While not the most practiced shooter when it comes to traditional firefights, Troy is far more at home when using his regulated MilSim marker to place accurate fire into critical targets at oportune moments.




Armored Units - Currently development continues on light armored units for scenario games. Plans include bicycle and foot based units. For the upcoming World War I based scenario game CORE SQUAD is working on a female (marker only) and male (marker and LAW) versions of foot tanks. Also under development is a infantry support tank that will provide mobil cover for advancing infantry.

Combined Arms Theory - Working in conjunction with the Armored unit development is Combined Arms Theory. CORE SQUAD will begin experimenting with this idea in paintball at the upcoming Scenario Game. Ideas include instruction and testing of basic, institutionalized applications of combined arms training in the paintball environment. Core concepts will include armor limitations, infantry support of armor operations, and manuver.

Special Weaponry - Current special weapons projects include the Remote Detonated Land Mine and Breach Loading LAW Rocket. Both weapons are currently undergoing development with the Team Armorer. The RDLM appears that it will be complete in time for the next scenario. Design concept and initial supply procurement has just begun on the BLLR and development will continue as possible.




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