S Team

"Silent Stalkers"

Mission Specialty
Team Leader
Assistant Team Leader
John "Terminator" L.
Dennis "Splatter" M.


Team Profiles:

Name:  John L.
Callsign:  "Terminator"
Position: Team Leader
Marker:  RAP4 (.43 cal. M-4), RAP5 (.43 cal. MP5), .43 cal Glock 17, and a Autococker.
Loader:  Halo B
Quote: N/A
Special Equipment: S.W.A.T. Style Tactical Vest.


Name: Dennis M.
Callsign:  "Splatter"
Position: Assistant Team Leader
Marker: Spyder Xtra
Loader: Gravity Loader (View Loader)
Quote: N/A
Special Equipment: Doesn't require any pods, just one hopper of paint.


Name: Troy L.
Callsign:  "Toe Walker"
Position: Recon/Sharpshooter/Grunt
Marker: Warsensor WS-66 R.I.S. Elite (.68 cal. M-4 replica), Ariakon SIM-5 (.68 cal MP5 replica), Armotech Zeus G1
Loader: Ricochet AK
Quote: "You have to walk before you can stalk."
Special Equipment: Name something. Bushnell 3x32mm scope, 1x28mm Laseraim Illusion red dot mounted on Weaver Tri-Rail scope rings. Laser sight on forward elite handle sight rail. R.I.S. tactical handgaurds, Weaver Rail mounted Bipod, Warsensor Barrel Extension, internal mods for sound dampening, composit bolt, Palmer Inline Stabilizer regulator in custom cradle mount, and tactical sling. COPS911 C.I.A. Tactical Vest. Zeus G1 in COPS911 tactical thigh holster and sare magazine. SIM-5 with tactical handgaurd, integrated tactical flashlight, and modified to use Air Soft MP5 magazine.




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