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Paintball Forums

PB Review - Good forum with lots of information. Mainly Speedball related. Has a great product review section.

PB Nation - Another good forum (offical forum for Team Dynasty) and has a large recreational and Scenario game crowd.


Scenario Gear

COPS911 - Lots of tactical gear especially for paintball including tatical vests.

Ops Gear - Another great site for tactical gear for paintball.

Tactical Gears - Not directly paintball related, but a great place to get hard to find tactical gear for inexpensive.

Tactical Markers - Great information on Scenario games and also a catalog specializing in scenario markers and gear.


Online Stores

CC Paintball - Local store with great prices.

Devil Mountain Sports - Online store for tactical markers such as Armotechs, Warsensors, and Tippmans.

Paintball GI - Sells tactical markers and clothing. Only distributor of body armor BDUs.

1 Shot Paintball - Local store that caters to scenario players.


Scenario Resources

Paintball Zone - Home of OSOK (One Shot, One Kill). Great sniper page.'s Scenario Games article - Very good article about what to expect at a scenario game.

Scenarioball - Web site about nothing but scenario games.



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