Okay guys, the site really needs your help. (I know, I'd think I could do everything!!) We need pictures to post.

There are two categories at the moment. First, we need pictures of you. That's right, YOU! It doesn't need to be a glamour shot, heck we don't even have to see your face. Just it needs to be of you. Whether it is a posed shot, face shot, a picture of you playing, so long as it looks paintball related send it in.

Second, we want pictures of your stuff. Markers, packs, even paint slingshots (you know who you are) we want to see what our guys play paintball with.

E-mail your pictures to Be sure to put in the subject something like "Pictures for Shadow Team" and describe in the body of the text what the different pictures are. Helps for me to figure out what's what.

Thanks guys and the sooner you get these in, the better!


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